Set up your tech tools, define your processes, and log in into your video conference account – welcome to the working from home era!

These are just a few small steps towards creating an effective work environment for your company’s remote employees. The hardest part is, of course, the MOTIVATION.

It’s already hard to motivate people in real life – so giving online motivation in pandemic times is even harder. But true leaders evolve and use the best tools to make it happen! How? Read below and find out! 🙂

It is the perfect time to leverage technology

Build a virtual community and stay connected with your employees, providers, clients, and board members. Include high-quality collaboration and teamwork support using free or relatively inexpensive tools.

E-mail, video conferencing tools, direct messaging platforms, and some task management tools must be ok to start with.

But first of all, make sure that every employee has access to wi-fi and updated, reliable technology – lack of motivation can be caused by slow programs that cause frustration.

Use online collaboration and motivation

Tell your team that it’s a perfect opportunity to create online relations and to work as a team, connected through messages, webcasting, or any tool that you choose.

Remember that even if you are working online, it’s important to focus on the needs of your employees and try to make this transition very smooth and pleasing for everybody.

Divide your team’s work into small, easy to track goals

Productivity and motivation are based on setting goals and keeping your eyes on the prize 🙂 It’s easier to recognize your accomplishments at the end of the day if your big and scary task is divided into more simple, puzzle shaped tasks.

Create automatic solutions

Raise the employees’ motivation by allowing them to do meaningful work that creates an impact through the company. Most of the repetitive, boring tasks that take a lot of time, and attention can be easily automated.

For example, include processes that will make remote working much organized:

  • Automatic Morning updates: Every morning you employees can receive an e-mail with top tasks from the calendar or any task management tool that you use
  • Call notes distribution
  • Call scheduling automation
  • Keep a record of interactions between employees
  • Keep track of progress towards goals
  • Ensure that team members are notified of any changes

Also, you can create life-long processes for your company such as:

  • Making easy to command, organize, and automatically execute strategies and tools
  • Centralize work processes effectively and integrate functions all across the company
  • Minimize human involvement in menial tasks and save more time and money
  • Helps you make meaningful and data-driven decisions to improve ineffective processes (this feature is crucial when employees aren’t able to communicate face-to-face)

Keep in mind that process automation is a dedicated network of software and apps used to document and manage your business processes, from budgeting and project management to planning or monitoring.

Want to know more about digital transformation and how to keep your team motivated using technology? Give us a call!


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